Pharmacode, eindeutiger Primärschlüssel als Identifikator des Artikels
Pharmacode, identification unique de l'article
Pharmacode, unique record identifier for articles (legacy format)

Source: HCI Solutions AG   |   Release 2008-01

The Pharmacode is the main ARTICLE identifier in the INDEX-database, it represents the article line number in the database. It is managed by the editorial team at HCI Solutions; therefore it is a private ID. It has the OID 2.16.756.

The field variant PHAR represents the legacy format of this number, represented as a string, limited to 7 characters, padded with leading zeros. This is due to historical reasons, as the database used to be distributed in length-delimited form. Some software applications in the market might still be using this format variant. It has technically been superseded by the PHARMACODE field, which is a proper integer.

For more information, please refer to PHARMACODE.



German Pharmacode
French Pharmacode

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