Generischer Gruppierungscode
Code generique groupement
Generic Group Code

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The generic group code is a hierarchic code system that allows grouping of pharmaceutically similar products and therefore pharmaceutical substitution. It has the following structure:

1. ATC-Code (WHO) 7 digits Codetyp 3
2. Application index 2 digits Codetyp 4
3. Galenic group 1 digit Codetyp 15
4. Retard 1digit N = no, R = retard
5. #of subgroup 1digit 0-9, A-Z
6. Concentration identification 8 digits amount of the main substance in relation to the "Bezugsgrösse", unit of usage. Not necessarily the concentration itself!
7. Detailed galenic form 4 digits Codetyp 14


The GENGRP is only available for products that meet all of the following three criteria:

  1. have an ATC level 5
  2. consist of 1-4 substances (as denoted by uppercase "W" in the CPT/CPTCMP composition data)
  3. the substances of the product have a molecular weight OR a defined base/salt ratio (otherwise no calculations are possible)

Therefore, special medical product groups that do not have a GENGRP are e.g.

  • sera, vaccines
  • blood products
  • radiocontrast agents
  • allergens
  • multivitamins
  • infusions (parenteral nutrition)
  • herbal products
  • homeopathics, anthroposophics, spagyrics

Products that do not fit these criteria can be grouped using other INDEX data such as the plain ATC (PRODUCT/PRD/ATC) or the assortment code (ARTICLE/ART/CDSO1). In addition, data from a product's "normed" composition substances might help to group special products (see PRODUCT_SUBSTANCE_ALTERNATIVE_QUANTITY).

The GENGRP has the OID 2.16.756.

For more information, see the INDEX-Workshop user manual and Codetypes 3, 4, 14, 15 in schema CODE.

For examples, check the similar function in It builds a comparison string based on the GENGRP: It takes the ATC (first 7 digits), ignores the 2 chars of the application index, adds the char of the galenic group, ignores the 2 digits of the retard and subgroup, adds the 8 chars of the concentration and the 4 chars of the detailed galenic form. It then compares for:

  • Substancegroup: All products with the same first 5 digits of this code
  • Substance: All products with the same first 7 digits of this code
  • Form:  All products with the same first 8 digits of this code
  • Concentration  All products with the same first 16 (20?) digits of this code
  • Identical:  All products with the same complete 24 digits of this code


Für die Suche nach äquivalenten Produkten für die Substitution dient das Feld Generic Group Code (GENGRP) im Schema PRODUCT.
Mit den ersten 12 Positionen (G12) werden äquivalente Medikamente mit der gleichen ATC-Gruppe gefunden.
Mit den ersten 20 Positionen (G20) werden äquivalente Medikamente mit der gleichen Konzentration gefunden. Diese Artikel sind Kandidaten für eine Substitution.

Siehe Benutzerhandbuch INDEX-Workshop

Le champ Generic Group Code (GENGRP) dans le schéma PRODUCT sert à la recherche de produits équivalents pour la substitution.
Les 12 premières positions (G12) permettent de trouver des médicaments équivalents du même groupe ATC.
Les 20 premières positions (G20) permettent de trouver des médicaments équivalents de même concentration. Ces articles entrent en ligne de compte pour une substitution.

Voir Manuel d'utilisateur INDEX-Workshop


German Generischer Gruppierungscode
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