Abrechnungstarif gemäss Forum Datenaustausch
Tarif selon Forum Datenaustausch
Billing tariff type Forum Datenaustausch

Source: HCI Solutions AG   |   Release 2019-05

Billing tariff type, the "category" of a tariff, as defined by Forum Datenautausch, e.g. "401" (XML FDA: "tariff_type") Based on the list and algorithm published by Forum Datenautausch ("Abrechnung Material und Medikamente", 31.10.2018).

May also be called "Tarif".

On the PDF forms of the Forum Datenaustausch, this field is labelled "Tarif".



German Abrechnungstarif gemäss Forum Datenaustausch
French Tarif selon Forum Datenaustausch

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