Barcodes des Artikels (GTIN)
Code-à-barres pour l'article (GTIN)
Barcodes of article (GTIN)

Source: GS1 / Industry / Stiftung Refdata   |   Release 2008-01

0...n Barcodes of an article.

Unique key: PHAR, CDTYP, BC

While the data structure is able to support many different types of barcodes, we strongly suggest to manufacturers and suppliers to only use the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) system as issued by GS1. FOr this, the company needs to buy a prefix/namespace from GS1. As an alternative, Swissmedic-approved medications can get their GTIN through the Stiftung Refdata.

Please refrain from using the descriptor "EAN"; this has been superceeded by the GTIN.



German Barcodes des Artikels (GTIN)
French Code-à-barres pour l'article (GTIN)

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