Wholesaler key
Wholesaler key
Wholesaler key

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Wholesaler key: Identifies the wholesaler that delivers this record. For more details, see schema WHOLESALER.

1=Galexis, 2=Unione, 4=Voigt, 6=Amedis-UE, 8=Amidro, 9=SWW, 10=Apotheke Zur Rose, 999=Test, 1377165=Axapharm, 1373228=Pharmafocus, 1401297 = Medifilm (For all keys over 1000, just add the 760100 prefix to get the GLN of the Wholesaler)

(galdat 3.0,Table.Field: ARTWHS.WhsKey)

The currently supported wholesalers marked in bold, they deliver their base prices through ARTICLE_WHOLESALER to the interested parties.



German Wholesaler key
French Wholesaler key

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