Limitation Type
Limitation Type
Limitation Type

Source: BAG-OFSP   |   Release 2008-01

Limitation Type: 

  • COM = Comment. Very specific limitation, see description DSCRD/F for details. Rare, <5%.
  • DIA = Diagnose / Indication, about 80% of all limitation are of this type.
  • EDA = Exclusive diagnose / indication. Extremely rare, a handful only.
  • ITH = limitation based on the index therapeuticus. Very rare, <2%.
  • PTS = Points. Extremely rare, a handful only.
  • TIM = Time in months. Extremely rare, a handful only.
  • MIG = MiGeL (15%)

Search inside the DSCRD field to see if a "Kostengutsprache" is needed.

The former type PCK = number of packages is not in use anymore.



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